It is the Living that Matters – Melinda’s Friday Post

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Welcome to another of my guide Melinda’s Friday messages about how to live life. If you’d like to know more about her and what she has to say you can find more in the first post in this series.

Shall we talk about ego?

We have talked a lot about the negative or perhaps we should call it the side of being too soft or tolerant but we should also talk about other sides too. I think that the notion of being important can be such a disastrous thing for many people. How important is it that you are right? How important is it that you are special? Maybe more important than all of this is the question “Does being important matter at all?”

Marseille Tarot - The Star

What perspective does the Star have on your life? In the fulness of time many things mean so much less than we imagine they do in the moment. Watch that your ego does not keep you too separate from the wisdom of the Stars perspective.

Andrew and I have a struggle between us. His ego and mine clash and tussle with each other at times. He does a good job of opening a place for these messages to come through but he does not always agree. I am not perfect but I see so much more than is possible from your side of the veil. Andrew’s ego is still sorting out his issues around what is meaningful and what is not. It is not a criticism of him at all as everyone alive is still works on this to some extent.

Did you not know that the dead have egos? It is true, they don’t necessarily dissolve at death and leave only light and wisdom. That is why being careful about who you accept as a guide is so important.

It is part of the human nature to see things relationally. This is bigger than that, sweeter, more painful, or whatever. Duality requires us to understand things in this way and let me be clear that there is no escaping duality. It is the nature of life and as such there is nothing wrong with it. These kind of duality also tends to slide into multiplicity and as relationships become more complex hierarchies emerge. Your parents are older than you and your grandparents if still living are older still. There is nothing wrong with hierarchies either. The problem is in applying meaning to them. This is where people get caught and make much trouble for them and the world – in creating hierarchies of meaning. If you want to count since the date of my birth I am over 300 years old. Probably the oldest person in this dialogue we are having. Does it matter? In most ways it does not.

I am going to use Andrew as an example here so as to make it clear. He is not happy with this and that is in part why last weeks post was not finished in time to go up.

Andrew works to help people. He is sincere and earnest in his efforts. People who come in for readings fall on the spectrum from serious to delusional, and from being locked in by their egos to being flexible enough to permit change. Andrew is the same with all of them. They are not all the same with him or more to the point in themselves. Andrew still struggles when people fail to benefit from his efforts. That is his ego struggle at this time. He is also very good at his job but that does not mean anything in terms of hierarchy. If he thought it did it would be his ego grabbing hold. His strength is being open, and giving guidance while not using his talents to prop up his ego.

I am also writing today to tell him and to tell all of you that no matter how serious a problem someone comes in with it is devoid of meaning. Life, karma, destiny and spirit will all unfold. Humans spend so much time fretting about life’s details, and that is a cost to being alive, but ultimately most details are not important. Life ends, sickness comes, love comes, children come, money comes and goes – all we can do is live and work to be better people. If people don’t listen – life goes on. If love leaves – life goes on. If you achieve enlightenment – life goes on. If love comes – life goes on.

In the end it the living that matters and the details that do not.
I have more to say about this but will wait for next week.

Thank you for listening.

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