It all Starts with You – Melinda’s Friday Message

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Welcome to another of my guide Melinda’s Friday messages about how to live life. If you’d like to know more about her and what she has to say you can find more in the first post in this series.

E asked. “I was wondering if Melinda want to talk bit more about this combination of self-love and compassion and its by-product of synchronicity, although that is probably not what she would call it.”

Start with Your Self.

Self-love. It is a central part of everyone’s journey. In building a life we must always be looking towards being more loving with ourselves. It is not a state that we reach but a matter of ongoing attention and focus.

We must first love ourselves enough to want to be happier. The deciding is the first step and is an act of self-love. Then we must listen to what our needs are. Be still and quiet and your needs will speak up. This listening is also self-love. From this listening will arise actions to be taken. Act on them. From this action stage will come decisions that need to be made by cycling through the process again. Is that clear to you? Let me put another way.

1. Commit to taking a step with self-love as the goal.
2. Listen to what you heart and spirit tell you that you need.
3. Turn what you need into actions and act.
4. Look at the decisions that arise out of these actions and become clear about your choices.
5. Return to step one and take these choices, questions or decisions back through the cycle.

Marseille Tarot - The Magician

Here we have the magician encompassing all the steps in this process. His title as juggler indicates how his power and ability comes from a circling or spiralling process of growth.

This is self-love. It will grow and deepen. In the begin you might judge your self-love to not be strong enough but if you decide to take any step at all that increases your self-love it is gigantic no matter how insignificant you might think it is.

Self-love invites miracles. As you work at this process you will find the things you need come to you more easily. Making decisions becomes simpler. Your commitment to yourself grows stronger. As you love yourself more you will find it grows easier to also love others more. You will be more understanding and compassionate.

You will feel as if the Universe is handing you the life you want to live. If there is work to make this life happen you will not mind doing it. You will find yourself in a community that supports you. Opportunity will be at your feet.

It all starts with the decision. “I will love myself more.”

Please be careful to not let your mind get in the way. It is this simple do not over think it. Also, watch for scepticism, bitterness, sarcasm, and negativity in others. If they do not speak and act with compassion they do not love themselves and you should exercise caution when listening to them. If they are not ready to love themselves it should not stop you from continuing on your journey.

Thank you for asking.

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