Jamaican Tarot – The Majors pt2

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In the craziness of life I dropped the ball on posting the rest of this deck. So here you it is. Prize to be handed out at the end of the posts.

So, I was in Jamaica recently on holiday and thought for fun I would try and create a Tarot deck with my iPhone while I was there. It was not easy. I found myself stretching my mind and sometimes only using small aspects of the card or at other times going with puns or metaphors. I’d love it if you would pitch in what you see in the cards an what you think I was aiming for. The person who gets the most right in this series will get a free reading or 1hour private lesson.

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Click on the images for larger versions.

Jamaican Tarot - The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

Jamaican Tarot - Art (Temperance)
Art (Temperance)
Jamaican Tarot - The Devil
The Devil
Jamaican Tarot - The Tower
The Tower
Jamaican Tarot - The Star
The Star
Jamaican Tarot - The Moon
The Moon
Jamaican Tarot - The Sun
The Sun
Jamaican Tarot - Judgement
Jamaican Tarot - World Card
The World

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