Understanding the Tarot through Art.

Temperance Sketch by Andrew McGregor
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I think that one of the best ways to understand the cards is to bring your own creativity into the mix. Through our own creativity we bypass our logic and get straight into that intuitive emotional part of ourselves that is so helpful in building narrative and tying readings together. Often the biggest challenge in getting the art flowing is just to get started. For me, my mind often says that doing a whole deck is too much and that I am not skilled enough. To this I say so what. Just use this idea as an exercise and don’t commit to anything more than trying it out. Do it just for yourself and don’t share your creations if you aren’t happy with them – I often don’t.

If you want to play along the idea is really simple – pick any card, use any medium, and just make something. I often find working as fast as I can helps bypass my inner critic and logic. Below are a few images I have liked that I have made while exploring the cards.

Andrew McGregor as a Court Card

Created at a workshop with Marilyn Shannon.

I’d love to see what you make if you want to share. Please post a link in the comments.

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