Toronto Tarot Symposium – Sharing in the Learning

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On March 10th, over 25 folks got together in Toronto to spend the day building a deeper connection with tarot. I was honoured to be one of the presenters.

Learning from others

I have been reading the cards for a long time and one of the things I forget is how wide and varied the field of tarot is. For me there is a very healthy stretching that comes from learning from others in an area where I have spent so much time working and thinking. I also got inspired to draw an image for each persons presentation.

James Wells workshop on building custom readings shared his great process for getting from a question to a custom spread. From there it can be much easier to get a good clear answer.

Peter LeBlanc as Tarot CardPeter LeBlanc took us through the relationships between tarot and astrology. His question “What does this aspect in my chart mean to me today?” opened up a whole new way of integrating astrology into my readings.

Marilyn Shannon as Miss MerleMarilyn Shannon’s presentation on developing a fantastical personality to read as was delightful. Miss Merle, Marilyn’s persona, used to wrestle alligators. Perhaps without surprise my inner scotsman came out in a rather raucous and rowdy way.

Andrew McGregor as a Tarot CardI took people on a journey through creating rituals from the cards. I think that building tools, like ritual, that help take the advice of a reading and bring into into the world can be very powerful.

Truth be told I learned from everyone. To get to see so many different decks. get read by people who I might never get a reading from. All of it helped me grow and find deeper levels of joy with the cards.

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2 comments on “Toronto Tarot Symposium – Sharing in the Learning”

  1. Eddie Davis

    If someone knows how to read tarot cards, could they read a card a day for guidence on how to takle the day?

  2. Andrew McGregor

    Absolutely. I draw two cards every day. One for how my day will go. The second for advice on how to deal with what comes up.

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