I read cards with some help from my friend.

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Life has a serious sense of humour. I have never really been one for channeled messages. It has just never appealed to me. To be honest, in the past I was convinced it was the channeler’s holistic self that generated the messages. So wouldn’t you know, years later, in working as a reader I discovered that a large part of what I see in readings comes from a guide named Melinda. Even more amusing is that this post marks the first message, channelled from her, in a series that she has asked me to share here.

Melinda’s message.

Tarot of Marseille - Death Card

Tarot of Marseille – Death Card

The first thing that you should know is that I am dead. I am no angel, no being of light, no mysterious emanation from the aether. I was a human being who lived as you do, struggled and suffered, loved and enjoyed life – just as you do. In my life I worked reading the cards and traveled from place to place working as a fortune teller. I understand through Andrew that many people feel disdain for what was my profession now but know that to me it was a calling and a way of helping others.

Though I am now dead, it is life that I want to talk about. About living. When I was alive the cards were my book. my bible, my guide for life and how to live it. Now that I have a different perspective I see it is even more true.

I know you will think about me and wonder who I am but this is not the point. It is not about my life, though perhaps in time I will tell you more about me, but about your life and how you live it.

I want to talk to you about love, money and health. Not just your body, but real health that makes being old be less difficult. In fact I have a lot to say about life and suffering. People speak a lot about just changing your mind and just creating your life. It is just not true. In my day success in anything was work and that is just what it meant to be alive. This is as true today as it was then.

In reading for Andrew for this first communication he drew the Death card. This card is the key to it all really. How do we avoid change? We cannot. How do we avoid growing old? We do not. How do we achieve perfection so that we never lose anything? It is impossible. Scheming against death is useless. This card is inevitable. It also speaks of creation and deaths opposite polarity life. The cycle goes around and we must feed the earth to bring out new life. My work is to teach you to see the joy and beauty in the process so you will not fear it. So it will not hold you back. So you can find joy – even in this card. Just as I find joy in these words to you from my place in the world as one of the dead.

I will be giving Andrew a message weekly to share. I have forbidden Andrew to speak on my behalf, but will reply to questions you might have when I pass the next message.

Thank you for your time.

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7 comments on “I read cards with some help from my friend.”

  1. Katrina Wynne

    Thank you for sharing your message, Melinda, and for Andrew’s courage to share it.

    I completely agree with what you have shared and it is my inspiration for sharing Tarot as well. There are no easy answers or shortcuts in life, other than to just be authentic, true, compassionate, and as full of love and light as one can.

    Thanks for hanging out with us and I look forward to future messages.

    In Spirit (literally),

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  4. Jacob

    it truly is a wonderful deck! i will await for more of her insights!

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