Becoming the Queen of Swords

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This post is part of series on becoming the best we can through understanding the court cards. You can read them all here. 

Gaian Tarot  - The Guardian of Air

Gaian Tarot – The Guardian of Air

Every so often I find one card surfacing over and over in many of the readings I do. This happens even if I shuffle well, which I do, and even in the latest case when I changed decks. Maybe it’s the energy of the stars expressing itself in the readings I am doing or maybe it’s something else. The card that has been surfacing almost daily lately is the Queen of Swords.

When the Queen of Swords shows up in a reading it is often to encourage people to step into their power, to be assertive from a place of grounded clarity. Boundaries are one of the cornerstones of her power. Although she is usually shown holding a sword it is really her voice that is the tool which manifests her strength. In her description of this card Joanna Powell Colbert says, “It is time to speak the truth loudly, boldly, and with great integrity.”

I have always found the advice “nobody can make you feel anything” a hard pill to swallow but in someways it is exactly what this card advises. There are, of course, serious situations of abuse where the other person is certainly responsible but in my experience the Queen of Swords does not show up to talk about that kind of problem. She does however says to own what you are feeling and take responsibility for making the changes necessary to be happier.

In searching for connection and love too often people start to silence or hide parts of themselves. We don’t bring up subjects that might make others uncomfortable. We stop spending time with people our lover, family, or friends don’t like or approve of. This card speaks of shedding the role of quietly going along with others’ plans. It shows up to say, ‘Look at what is not right in your relationships to other people and acknowledge it’.

Off with their heads!

The Thoth Deck's Queen of Swords

The Thoth Deck’s Queen of Swords

Some decks take an even bolder stance. In the Thoth deck, we see the Queen holding the head of the King she has dethroned. At its worst this card can certainly speak of the desire for aggressive retaliation. However, that is not really the kind of action that this Queen is suggesting you take. She speaks, instead, of a need to take control of yourself then to take control of the situation.

Another important aspect of the Queen is her courage. She is not without fear, but her deep inner connection gives her the perspective and wisdom that allows her to see what needs to be done. Her journey along her spiritual path has brought her into a profound level of self-understanding. This self knowledge has made her a cynic or realist in the best sense of both words i.e. someone who sees what is actually going on. She does not disregard her heart. However, she tempers her feelings with this understanding of the limits of what is. Then someday, the fantasy of what might be may no longer hold power over her.

If this card is resonating for you right now ask yourself, or your deck:

1. Where do I need to take more responsibility?

2. In what ways am I holding myself back because of others?

3. What truths am I aware of but fearful about speaking?

The Queen of Swords comes around to say, ‘Wake up, acknowledge the truth, speak-up and solve your problems’. Enjoy stepping into your power. Let me know how it goes in the comments.

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3 comments on “Becoming the Queen of Swords”

  1. Adrienne

    This is the first time I’ve visited your site. I live close by on Cherrywood and have thought about coming in many times. I wanted to check your hours and will come by tomorrow (wed) evening as I need to buy some crystals for a class I’m teaching.
    Today I feel more stuck in my life than ever before so this card is speaking loudly to me today.
    I need to make changes (career), I know what they are but I’m very afraid because, even though the changes are positive, I have no idea how they will turn out. When I’m in my own mind I am very clear about what I have to do but then I think about ‘reality’ (money mostly) then I cave in on myself.
    I will try to be brave like the Queen. Look forward to meeting you tomorrow.
    Thanks for being there. Adrienne

  2. Sarah

    Great post! Reading this has helped me keep the things you told me (in the eye-opening tarot reading you did for me!) in mind. Thank you for this great explanation of what the Queen of Swords card means!

    I’ve already started working on the things that came up and am seeing great results already.

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