The Wheel of Fortune

I see the wheel of fortune as a multi-faceted image. It is about multi lifetime issues and patterns on all scales. Below is a mask which I was given from Mexico that hangs in my reading room. It shows the three stages of life youth, old age and death.

Inspiration mask

This image inspired a lot of things that I have been drawing around this card so far. It is not done yet but I thought you might like to see the direction it is going in. I also included permutations of the word TARO to indicated the progress and cyclical nature of this card. Things change but they stay the same.


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  1. angel cards

    When I look at a wheel of fortune it really inspires me. Why, because for me it always entails success. That despite of where are you now, how you depress are you at this very moment, it assures you that tomorrow is another day, that the sun continue to shines and a new chapter is awaiting for you.

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