Tarot of the Inner Process

Well, that is the name I keep coming back to for my deck. As I delve further into the creation of this deck I realize that it will be several things at once. pardon me if some of this is a bit obtuse. It is only just recently emerging from the far corners of my mind.

First, it will be a tool for divination. No brainer here since I work as a reader that I would want to make a deck that was good for reading.

Second, it will be a representation of the tools I use with myself and others. The actual structure of the art will be representations of ways in which energy might be moved, healing achieved, or manifestation generated.

Third, it will be integral in the meditative work that I am calling The Road to Wholeness. This work a about creating integration of the whole self into one cohesive awareness. It is the lay of the land along that road and the means of traveling it at the same time.

Lastly, it will be a diagnostic tool to determine how people can bring themselves into alignment with their destiny.

This is what has been growing in my understanding as I work on this my deck.

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