Cleansing and Clearing for Readers, Healers, Coaches, and Empaths


How do we clean up after a reading? How about if someone brings some negative energy with them? Smudging works great as a first course of action but sometimes we need something will deep clean us, the people we work with, or the spaces we spend time in. I have spent the last decade working with people from many traditions around the world to help them resolve these kind of issues. This class share some of the best of what I have learned during this time.

The class covers:
• how to know when we need to do a deeper cleaning
• how to decide which tools to try
• a wide range of tools from crystals, herbs, energy, and more

You get the 1.5 hour audio recording and a detailed handout of the material covered.

This class works well in conjunction with the psychic self defence class I ran in October. If you are interested in the recording of that class you can purchase it here.

This class is manually fulfilled and you’ll get your login during business hours Tuesday to Friday 12-5pm.

Cost is $40