Psychic Self Defence and for Readers, Coaches, and Healers


Does working with clients leave you tired and drained? Maybe it is time for you to learn some psychic self defence kung-fu.

A kung-fu master doesn’t worry about the actions of others. They simply respond appropriately to put an end to any conflict. With Psychic self defence it is important to learn what you need to know and avoid fear, obsession, and superstition. This workshop will focus on what is practical, helpful, and effective.

Psychic Self Defence is the art of protecting one’s self from various forms of incursion into one’s energetic bodies. Just like we are bombarded by radio waves all the time, so too we are bombarded by spiritual energy as well. Everyone you meet, all the places you go, as well as any spirits you may come into contact with – all of those have energies that interact with your aura and can change the way in which it is functioning. On top of all the natural interactions people can send energy to you for good or bad. Every time someone prays for us we receive good energy, and every time some thinks ill of us we receive negative energy. When we work with clients we can also end up absorbing or dealing with their energetic problems.

Every tradition has ways to overcome the problems that an individual or place can acquire over time from any of these sources. Rituals, fetishes, totems, meditations, and baths can be used to correct energetic problems and cleanse one of curses. Through regular meditation and cleansing we can keep or energetic self clean and free of most problems. Practice will also help us to notice if something goes astray sooner so that long-term problems can be avoided.

We will cover some really great tools to help you have boundaries of steel.

  • how to tell if issues in yours or your clients life are coming from this kind of problem.
  • crystals to help strengthen your energy.
  • easy meditations that will build your arua and prevent issues.
  • herbs, plants, and other types of charms you can make and carry

This recording is 2 hours delivered to you in MP3 format or you can stream it over the internet. You will also get a 4 page handout on the exercises  discussed in the class.

This class is manually fulfilled and you’ll get your login during business hours Tuesday to Friday 12-5pm.