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Do you think change is the only constant?

Bah… don’t believe it, movement is the only constant. We have all heard it before ‘change is the only constant’- it’s a favourite line to pull out at hard times. I have been dealing with plenty of change, as most people are today, yet it seems that it is also true that the more things […]

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Truth & Honesty – Part III

Truth & Honesty – Part III – Is my truth ‘Truth’?
Is my truth ‘Truth’?
Now you might be thinking to yourself “but there are times to be honest with people regardless of whether it is comfortable or not”. That compassion and friendship might demand we tell an uncomfortable Truth to someone. Of course there are.

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Welcome to my New Website

Here it is, the long awaited new site to go with my new space. I will be posting here on a regular basis, in sync with the moon, to share ideas, stories, meditations and news about my work and space. You can also stay up to date with the latest updates by using our feed […]

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