Calling and Working with Spirits 1

Over the decades I have worked with a lot of spirits. Using a wide range techniques from complex magical rituals, to prayers, sigils, art and religious practices. Contacting spirits ranging from the kindest and most supportive of beings to the most belligerent I’ve seen and asking or compelling them to work for me. I have learned a lot from books, teachers, friends, mistakes, and the spirits themselves. I want to help you learn how to have great magically successful relationships with spirits.

This first workshop in the series will focus on spirits I have found the easiest to work with. Angels, nature spirits, spirits of place, and ancestors.

In this workshop we’ll talk about:

  • Good spirit hygiene
  • How to decide who to ask
  • Structuring requests
  • Striking deals
  • Expectations
  • Offerings and payments
  • Common mistakes
  • The power of prayer versus ceremony

You will walk away from this workshop with a safe, solid, and effective set of tools to start working magic and asking for favours from cooperative spirits.

This 2 hour class is prerecorded and available for instant access streaming.
$50 Canadian Dollars.

No magical skill or training is required for this workshop. However, I recommend you take my class on circle casting first – or have an equivalent skill already in place. You can find this class here. It is available to stream now.

This workshop is part 1 of 3. Future workshops will include working with some specific systems like Enochian, Goetia, and more. Links will be here when they are available.