Circle Casting for Everyone

Magical circles are amazing things. At their core they create a clear boundary between the space you occupy and the spirit and material world around you. However this is just the start of what can be done once you have that space set up. A great practice working a magical circle will connect you to the universe, possibly your higher self, clean off negative energy, and even bring your into contact wit the angels or other entities used in your magic. 

Big stuff. 

Helpful stuff

Crowley said of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) that it contained all the other rituals. Given his enjoyment of ritual pomp and ceremony this is saying a lot. 

I cannot count how often I have done this ceremony. Certainly daily for decades. I want to share with you my experience and help you get going with this important ceremony with. confidence and ease. 

I have used this ceremony and it variations to:

  • Create a better space for divination
  • Build and strengthen my energy
  • Connect with the archangels
  • Cleanse negativity from myself
  • Cleanse spaces 
  • Open doors to other realms 
  • Prepare to summon spirits
  • Connect with my guardian angel and guides
  • Prep for spell craft

We will explore:

  • The lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram
  • A few variations of creating circle in other ways 
  • How to use them for spell craft 
  • How to use them to work on yourself 
  • How to use them for cleansing 
  • Some approaches to using your voice for magic 
  • How to use tools to help you accomplish a circle 
  • And all the mistakes I’ve made or witnessed over the years. So you don’t make them. 

This workshop is for folks looking to get into or deepen their magical or spiritual practice. It will be taught in an accessible way to help you really understand how all this works. It is not tied to any particular tradition. We will start with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and branch out into other possibilities based on other world views.

This is a streaming class and is approximately 120 minutes long.

Cost is $50.