Tarot Waiting to Happen – A Tarot Deck by Andrew McGregor

Tarot Waiting to Happen includes 22 major arcana and a hand screened bag for storage.

Tarot Waiting to Happen includes 22 major arcana and a hand screened bag for storage.

What was the Emperor doing before he came out to sit on his throne? How about the Magician? Every story has a beginning, middle, and an end. Most cards show the middle of the story. The client goes off to live the end of the story. What happened just before the tarot images we are used to seeing?

popeThis deck explores the energy that occurs just before the situation we are used to seeing happens. These cards are intended to push you to think about tarot in new ways. They are also intended to make you laugh.

Nominated for the Best Majors Only Deck in 2013 by the Tarosophist Awards.  People have been loving this deck and you can read a few reviews by Camelia EliasCarrie ParisSheryl Smith and Tierney Sadler.

All 22 cards in this deck are black and white. The drawings are in the style of the Marseille decks. There will only be one run of 200 printed and that is it. I will not be reprinting them so if you are interested grab one now! Less than 100 left!

Cost is $35 (+HST for Canadians)
Shipping is $5 in Canada and the US. $8 to the EU. You are welcome to pick up your deck at the Lamp in Toronto. Please contact me for rates to other destinations. When you are buying your deck please choose the option that includes shipping to where you are. If you want to purchase multiple decks contact me for rates.

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I also built a custom spread to work with this deck. You can download your free tarot spread here and get the free recording on using this deck and this spread here.
To download this file please right click the link and chose “save” on a PC, or option + click on a MAC.

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