Thoth Class


Learn the power of the Thoth Tarot.


The Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley and Frida Harris is a deep and powerful deck. Many people love it, some people fear it, but no one questions is power. It can be a hard deck to learn on your own. The books that are written on it are for the most part obtuse and dense or they don’t stay true to Crowley’s vision. This class is the easy way to learn what is going on in this beautiful and inspiring deck.

I love the Thoth deck. To be honest if I did not do so many readings I would probably never have ventured beyond it into other decks. It is rich, deep and a powerful synthesis of many different systems (like astrology, alchemy and the qabala). All the things that make it wondrous also make it complex and challenging to learn. This class is based on my 15 years of study with this deck and the systems that it incorporates, as well as my practical experience giving several thousand readings with this wondrous deck. 

This class is for you if you:

  • Love this deck and want to get a deeper understanding of it
  • Have tried to read Crowley’s book and felt daunted
  • Want to understand how the western traditions around qabala, alchemy and astrology fit in with tarot
  • Are a beginner who wants to learn to read tarot based on the western mystery traditions

Over the 8 videos and one bonus class we will go through all the cards in detail. Exploring their symbols and practical application to readings. We will also look at how to read with this deck, it’s strengths and limitations, so you can get the best answers from it in your own readings. This deck is always fun to teach and learn given it’s creators rich and scandalous life.

“Andrew is a great teacher. One can tell that he is also a working Tarot reader. There are people who teach and write about the Tarot who do little or no readings for real people. Andrew is not spouting abstract philosophy or ideas. He teaches from a place of life experience in helping people through the vehicle of the Tarot. The Thoth Tarot course is very thorough. He takes this deck, which can be very daunting to read, and makes it very accessible.” ~George. NY, NY

This course also includes a variety of spreads based on both Crowley’s teaching and my own explorations. All the spreads are explained carefully and you’ll get to see them in action answering people’s questions.

I want you to be certain you are making the right choice before you sign up. If you have questions please email me and if you’d like to hear what my teaching style is like to see if it is good fit for you please go listen to this free talk on the Thoth deck before signing up.

This class includes my 88 page notebook on the Thoth deck.
10 streaming videos – 20+ hours of instruction.
Plus all future additional material that I might add.
This class is manually fulfilled and you’ll get your login during business hours Tuesday to Friday 12-5pm.

Cost is $350 Canadian Dollars

Watch on your own time on the computer or other smart device.


“Several weeks ago I bought my first Thoth Deck. As a Tarot Reader of 8 years I was looking for something new in our city shop that sells crystals, decks, oracles and pendulums. That day all I saw was Doreen Virtue Tarot/Oracles Decks and way behind them, ( I digged to get to it and wasn’t sure why), was one lone Thoth Deck. I was amazed and felt it was for me so I bought it. It was marked down at $12.00! It came with a flyer but no book so I asked my Tarot Group how would I go about studying this magnificent deck.

After a lot of advice and a few comments that this deck would be hard to read, you’ll love it, it’s thee deck, beware, and one opinion that it was evil I was recommended to take Andrew Kyle McGregor’s Thoth Course. Andrew also sent me a podcast to listen to in regards to the deck. In the podcast Andrew assures this deck is no harder to learn than any other deck. I was convinced that this was the course for me and Andrew was to be my teacher and mentor.

I work fulltime and am very busy so I was able to have the classes emailed to me and watch them at my convenience. 
The classes were very interesting and fun! Andrew gave attention, detail, and description to each card in the entire deck in a way that was applicable to daily life. Andrew also taught the wisdom, history, numerology, tree of life, astrology, predicting time, kabbalah, etc in a way that was easy to understand. He does not make things complicated but instead user friendly for Tarot Readers while staying true to Thoth.

We also learned some fabulous spreads which I have incorporated in my Tarot Readings. I got quite a few epiphanies from these spreads. I also just did a Thoth Astrology Chart for someone, (the one I learned in class), and they want to book me for a party because they liked it so much.
The Thoth Class is worth taking for anyone wanting to learn about this deck and Tarot in general. I believe it is transferable. Also, Andrew is a very down to earth teacher, well spoken, knowledgable, a good sense of humour too, and easy to understand. I plan to learn more from Andrew and his knowledge in regards to Tarot. I enjoyed the Thoth Course very much and strongly recommend Andrew’s class to anyone who wants to learn from this very accurate and beautiful deck. I feel Andrew’s Thoth Class has made me a better Tarot Reader. Thank you Andrew.”

Veronica Chamberlin