Questions to be Answered by the Art

The point of this deck is inspire people to continue in their fight against whatever might be getting in their ways. Could be cancer, loss, grief, illness, poverty, or whatever. In the context of tarot as a structure with history each card should work to answer the following questions directly through its imagery.

  1. How can this card inspire us on our healing journey ?
  2. How can this card inspire the wider world on it’s healing journey?
  3. What practical next steps might this card suggest?
  4. To what story of healing does this card invite us?

If it is helpful to you to think of the card in a larger context I have a few extra questions that look at the bigger picture.

  1. Where is the world’s healing journey in my own?” and the other way around
  2. How might the tarot pack be a map of the personal and universal pilgrimage to wholeness?
  3. What patterns in this card reflect or mirror the greater cycles in the tarot as a whole that take us from a place of loss or hardship to a place of joy and remembrance?

Specifically each card needs to show the transition from struggle to joy. Even if it is only transitory. 

  1. “How does this image help us get from a place of loss and suffering to a place of joy and remembering?”