Details for artists joining in

I am still nailing down the details but here are some that I already have in place.

    1. Final art will be 7cm*11cm. This is the art size. You can work bigger and might want to but he scale must fit this proportion.
    2. Please don’t put titles or numbers on the card. We will add borders and titles digitally for consistency.
    3. Please use any medium you see fit.
    4. I will need a high quality digital version of your work to print. Start thinking about how you are going to take this. Your smart phone won’t cut it. If you need help connecting with a photographer in your area let us know in the FB group. Your photo needs to be 7cm x 11xm and at a DPI of 300 or higher. (826 *1299 pixels)
    5. Final art will need to be CMYK. If you don’t know how to convert it let me know and someone will take care of it for you.
    6. Do not put a border, a title or a number on your card. We will add them after the fact.
    7. Electronic files can be sent by dropbox. Check them out at it is easy and free.
    8. If you are using found images please make sure you aren’t breaking copyright.
    9. Please make notes as you go along on your choices. We will want to know why  you made what you did. We will have a few editors to help with wording if you need it.
    10. Art is due to me by May 15th.
    11. Your art is yours. You will retain all the copyrights for your art.
    12. You will, however,  be giving permission to project to reprint your art in the deck going forward.
    13. As creative director for the project I might have suggestions to help deepen the power of the whole deck.
    14. We will likely run a kickstarter to raise the money for printing. Or perhaps do pre-sales.
    15. I am doing some final research but look at the as the charity to donate to.
    16. My plan is to do a 1st edition of 1000 and then reprint if there is demand.

Please join the Facebook group to be involved in helping the deck get out.