The art, magic, and practice of running a business.

10 week spiritually based business course

Running your own business can be so fun and rewarding. However, often folks get caught up in all the advice floating around and don’t get where they want to be with it. In this age of social media it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Easy to not set up your pricing and practice to allow you to earn enough money. Easy to spend thousands on coaching and classes that don’t deliver actionable information. Easy to be too caught up in the woo to get the practical stuff done or get so lost in the details your magic doesn’t flow. 

This course lives in the balance of spiritual practice and practical work. Blending them together to keep you inspired, prosperous, and fostering stability in your business and life. 

If you are a diviner, product creator, service provider, healer, witch, creative type, coach or guide this course is for you. 

Unlike some classes I’ve seen floating around I’m living what I teach. This course comes out of my experiences working for myself in advertising followed by 20 years off full-time tarot reading, and 13 years of running a “brick & mortar” and online store. I’ve developed products and wholesaled them, taught online and in person around the world, published books and tarot decks, and run a popular podcast. It also brings over 30 years of my experience working with magic to the table too. I’ve been mentoring people around their business for the last 12 years.  I’ve run my business through booms and recessions, a fire, changing locations and technologies – so I know how to help you get where you want to go. 

I’ve not only survived the pandemic but my shop was recently named best Metaphysical Shop in the World by the Word Divination Association. All without any support from the government.

If you are currently running your own business or are thinking about it this course is for you. 

The course lasts 10 weeks.

This class will be a blend of pre-recorded talks on the material for the class, facebook group and recorded q&a.

Recorded classes will happen every other week for 5 sessions. Starting Wednesday January 22nd. Each class is about 90 minutes long. Weekly I’ll record a Q&A and answering all the questions that come up for you in in your journey through the work and around creating an awesome business. Q&A length will be determined by the amount of questions asked. By meeting every two weeks you’ll have time to do the homework for each section. Let’s be clear there is work involved. You should expect to spend 5 hours on homework between classes. Questions can also be be asked anytime on facebook.

I’ll be sharing resources with each class – like spreadsheets, recommended reading, and mini-rituals for folks to try. We’ll also make use of a Facebook group to support each other through this work. This will be a place to ask questions, access extra resources, deconstruct examples, and just generally cheer each other on. The more you show up here the more you will get out of this work.

By taking time between sessions we’ll be able to work on each aspect and see what challenges arise. The teaching will take a blended approach touching on each topic in each call. This will allow each part of the practice to nurture the others and build momentum. It also makes the parts you might not be as excited about more palatable and digestible. Few folks want a 90 minute talk on spreadsheets. 

What we will cover. 

Feeding the work through Magic

  • luck
  • growth
  • space management
  • feeding guides
  • building intuition
  • altar work
  • space cleaning
  • divination for business

Receiving compensation through Money

  • pricing
  • taxes
  • budgeting
  • handling ebb and flow
  • Challenging your own limits around money

Getting the work through Promotion

  • social media
  • newsletters
  • local options
  • events
  • websites

Doing the work

  • scheduling
  • workspace
  • online versus in person
  • managing clients
  • handling contact pathways 
  • time management
  • referrals

Sustaining the work through self care

  • safety
  • energy management
  • recovery
  • possibilities versus practice
  • longevity
  • ongoing study
  • peer support
  • study

The cost for this course is $500 canadian . Instalment plans are available

Pay in full now ( 1 payment of $500)

Pay in 2 instalments of $250 (one now and one in a month)

Pay in 4 payments of $125 (1 now and 1 every two weeks)

If registration supports it I will offer transcriptions. Check in with me if you need this.


Will this run again? 

I have no plans to run this again. 

I can’t pay the full amount at once can you help?

Payment plans are available. Use the links for them. 

I don’t use paypal – is there another option?

Not really. Tracking multiple services is too much work. 

I am interested in magic but don’t have any experience. Can I still join?

Absolutely. Everything will be taught in a very accessible way. 

I am just thinking of starting a business – will this help me?

Absolutely. I learned a ton the hard way. This course will set you up with a solid foundation and get you off to a better start, 

I’ve been in business for years – will this help me?

Look over the list of topics covered. Are you solid on them all? If not it’ll help you. It will also help folks who have hit a plateau. 

How do I get the materials?

All materials will be added to a downloads page as we go along for you to save to your computer.

I don’t do Facebook. Can I get the group info elsewhere?

No. This is an unwieldy proposition. Decide if it is worth it to join for the duration of the course or not. 

Will there be a live call or teaching?

There will not be. All questions will be answered through facebook group or on the weekly Q&A.

Do you have other questions? Please ask them. I want you to be sure you are in the right place.