Tarot for Everyone! Workshop.

What will you learn?

Learning tarot should be fun and enjoyable! Everybody has the innate ability to learn what the cards mean and how to put those meanings together into a reading for others. This course will have something to offer everyone at every level. 

In fact with the rise of visual literacy, through social media, it has never been easier. In this class we’ll focus on getting you reading. Not some day in the future but in the actual class itself.

We will cover:
• What the cards mean.
• How to ask useful questions.
• What’s real and what is superstition around tarot.
• A spread you can use to answer any questions or give general reading.
• How to build you own spreads to customize your readings.

This class is focused on practical reading skills. Come learn in a supportive environment and get all your questions answered. Digital booklet of meanings included for future reference.

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This 90 minute class prerecorded class is available for instant access streaming.
$40 Canadian Dollars.

About Andrew:
Andrew has been reading the tarot for over 30 years. His teaching has taken him all over, most recently to China. He is the author of several books and the creator of three decks. Andrew has been running his store, The Hermit’s Lamp, in Toronto since 2008. His approach to reading is grounded in humour, compassion, psychology, magick, and honesty. since 2011 he has been running his acclaimed Hermit’s Lamp Podcast exploring what it means to live a spiritual life with many guest.