Tarot Practice and Mentorship Group

Learning to read tarot is a nuanced practice. It’s not just about intuition or knowledge. Of course, the question is important but so is how the reading unfolds. It can be about story telling too. Maybe it is also about magic and a touch of being psychic. Really learning to read tarot is a personal combination of all these things and more. And though you can learn a ton from books – there is a lot that you’ll pick up reading for others and seeing how others read too.

This group is a place to come and practice your reading with other supportive folks on the tarot journey. under the mentorship of Andrew who brings almost 40 years of card reading to the table. This is not a class where there is a lesson – but a space to bring your specific questions, triumphs and challenges.

Bring your cards, an open mind, and a willingness to share what you know.

Sunday June 2nd 12:15 to 2pm. Cost is $20 plus tax. Registration is here.

Looking for the Tarot Lovers Hangout? It is here.

Please understand all registrations are non-refundable.