Tarot for Self Care – a free class

I hit 5555 followers in early March 2021 on Instagram and wanted to give something to everyone in my orbit to celebrate.

A free class on how to use the cards to take better care of yourself!

We all know that life is not easy. Especially as I write this. We are approaching the 1 year mark of being in COVID times. It sucks. The combo of isolations and uncertainty is hard to bear. When you realize most of our regular coping mechanisms are not available it just adds too the heap of stress.

It can be tough to take good care of ourselves. Sure we can read lists online and take baths and call with our friends. It helps. However the question of what we need most that is within reach is one that is often hard to answer. This is part of how the cards can help us. By showing us what we most need in order to tend to our hearts, minds, and bodies.

Using the tarot to guide you

Luckily, the tarot has your back. In this class we will talk about how I work with the cards for myself. The questions I ask to get the most out of my regular readings – which are all about self-care. How to interpret the cards to answer these questions.

The Practical Details

This class was recorded live on March 10th and is available using the link below. Right click on a PC to download or Option click on a Mac.

Snag the class here.

Or stream via YouTube

My approach focuses on practical reading skills. Come learn in a supportive environment and get all your questions answered. It is open to people of all levels. This class will help readers from total beginner to those with years of experience.

If you need a deck we sell hundreds at the shop and ship all over the world. For this event you can also use this website to help you get a random tarot card for the exercises we are doing.