Tarot deck and book collection sale

A friend made the bold decision to part with their collection of tarot decks and books. This is not a few copies of of the Rider Waite deck but over 120 decks and almost 200 books. All either new or in great condition. Many of these decks I have never seen in print. Decks like the Tarot of Prague, Shinning Women Tarot, Giger Tarot, Via Tarot, Alchemical Tarot, Brotherhood Tarot and many more.

We are opening early on November 10th to have a special sale.

Everything will be out first come first served. This is not regular stock so most of it won’t be in stock again.

If you are a tarot lover this is the event for you. I have not seen this many decks in any store at one time.

November 10th, 10am – 6pm
The Hermit’s Lamp
398 Vaughan Rd
Toronto, ON M6C2N9