Super charging your magic!

The secret to making your magic more successful.

Making your magic work consistently requires energy. It is not unlike a car – it requires gas to go. Not all cars are the same though. You can also upgrade the engine and more to make it go faster and further. Magical skill can be upgraded. However, folks rarely talk in detail about how magic really works and where you can get this power from. They leave a lot of possibility on the table. Learning how to consistently access a range of power sources will help your magic be both more effective and more consistent. 

In this magic essentials workshop we will cover both theory and practice. How to:

  • Access universal energy (prana, chi, etc.) 
  • Enlist spirits to support your work
  • Working with planets and timing
  • Channeling and directing energy
  • Work with ancestors 
  • Put energy into objects for spell craft
  • Avoid depleting your own energy
  • Severing connections to objects to prevent drain
  • The use of baths and other tools to raise energy and recharge
  • How to put it all together in rituals, spells and magic 

$50 Canadian. Instant streaming access.

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