Sex, Death, and Destruction with Tarot – Online Class

People often fear the Devil, Death, and the Tower more than any other card. In this 3 night course we will explore these powerhouse energies. What to do when you encounter them, how to work with them, and even how to harness their power!

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Revelling with the Devil with Andrew McGregor

The Devil is a much maligned card in the tarot. There is the obvious Christian theology of the Devil, but this isn’t usually a card that speaks of evil when it shows up in a reading. So what is it scary to people? As a card that deals with sex, magick, and power it certainly can trigger a lot people’s issues. In the Golden Dawn system this card is said to be the Lord of the Gates of Matter – speaking to its power over the material plane. This card is the shadow side of religion, society, and the world (this level of existence).

In this part of the course I’ll be talking about how the Devil can teach us what we need to know about lust and desire in our lives. This definitely includes sexual desire, but also our passion for money and status. We’ll explore working with the Devil card as a path that can reveal to us what we truly want and perhaps even help us get it. We’ll explore lust and desire as maps towards wholeness. Lifting up the mask of polite society member, we’ll use the Devil to see what becoming more of an outsider might get us.

Finally, as a card that does sometimes speak to the act of magickal cursing, we will explore what it might mean if someone else sent the Devil after you. Through exploring how cursing works, we’ll learn how to know when it is happening and what you might do about it.

Andrew McGregor is an artist, magician, podcaster and card reader. His spiritual work is based out of his store in Toronto – The Hermit’s Lamp – but available online anywhere. His grounded practical approach to working with people comes out of over 30 years of practice and a profound connection to spirits. He is the author of several decks and books including The 90-Question Deck, Simply Learn tarot, and A Tarot of You.

A Matter of Life and The Death Card with Theresa Reed

Does the Death card freak you out?

Worried that it means you’re about to expire?

Or maybe you don’t but every time you pull that card in a reading for someone else, they flip out and think the end is near. You say it’s about transformation but they just aren’t buying it.

In this two hour workshop, we’re going to be discussing the symbols and interpretations behind the Death card. We’re going to get rid of the stigmas around this card and show you ways to get the fear out and find the transformation that Death offers.

But we’re going further than that.

In my decades long career, sometimes clients bring scary subjects to the tarot table. Topics such as terminal illness and death. While predicting death is often seen as unethical, it doesn’t mean that the topic should be avoided altogether.

We’ll explore how physical death shows up in a reading – and how to talk to clients about death and illness with compassion.

By the time the class is done, you won’t fear the Death card – or talking about sensitive topics with your clients.

Theresa Reed (aka “The Tarot Lady”) has been a full-time Tarot card reader for close to 30 years. She is the author of The Tarot Coloring Book, an illustrated tour through the world of Tarot with coloring sheets for every card in the deck. You can find her at

The Blasted Tower with Camelia Elias

What is it? What does it do? How do we experience it when we’re in it while burning, when we have to abandon it, or when we just look at it from afar? A Tower is easy to spot and have opinions about. It suggests work, aspirations, or plain narrow mindedness. Dangerous if it blows up in your face. In my class we’ll focus mainly on the function of the Tower in context. We’ll look at various Towers from different Tarot decks, and investigate how each image represents the notion of destruction, or something else. All my examples will feature the Tower as part of real reading settings, each dealing with concrete situations that diviners are likely to encounter in their practice.

Camelia Elias is a former professor and writer. She teaches people to read cards like the Devil. Her increasingly popular cartomancy classes deliver the simple method of ‘read the damn cards’ with ‘aplomb, precision, detachment, robustness, and humour.’ The students say this, and I believe them. Visit her website at