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Spiritual Work and Magick

Ever since I almost died in a car accident when I was a young teenager I have been stepping further and further into the world of magick. Learning the secrets of the earth, the heavens, and the ancestors from both western and eastern traditions and all sorts of other mystical people in between. I have used what I have learned to grow my business, heal myself and family, overcome obstacles, and remove negativity that has come from others. I can tell you with certainty that magick is real and it works.

Over the years I have been reading for others I have also helped clients who wanted magickal solutions to their issues. Starting in 2016, after getting a lot of requests, I am bringing this part of my practice out of the closet into the world.

My magickal services have nothing to do with feeding superstition, fear, or creating dependancy.

My spirit is inspired by helping people live authentic, autonomous, and joyful lives that respect the world and those who live in it.

Magick is a tool like science, medicine, psychology, law, and divination that can help people navigate life’s obstacles.

Magick requires effort. If you hire me to work on your behalf there will be things you will need to do support or reinforce what I am doing.

Spiritual Cleansing

Everything in life is easier when we are connected and aligned energetically. Fatigue, a string of bad luck, trouble sleeping, and feeling unwanted energies around you can all be side effects of spiritual problems. By removing unwanted energies and strengthening your aura external influences can be cleared and allow your life to return to your control. This work is done by working directly on your energy in person or at a distance and can also be done on places.

Spiritual Alignment

Sometimes we just need an adjustment to attune ourselves, chakras, and awareness to our deeper spiritual nature. A spiritual alignment will help sustain your connection to who you are beyond all the day-to-day distractions. It can help you maintain your well-being, sense of purpose, and resilience as you live your life. This work is done by working directly on your energy in person or at a distance.

Prosperity Work

Luck magick might be the oldest form of spiritual work. It can help you bring clients, reboot a business that has slowed down, or get a job. It can also help ease the road you are walking on when life in general is heavy with challenege. This kind of work most often takes the form of charms and talismans.

Protection Work

People we come into conflict with can create all sorts of issues for us both practically and energetically. Gossip, jealousy, or more directed negative energy can cause all sorts of problems. Protective work can help your energy stay strong during times of conflict. Talismans can block negativity that you might stumble across or have directed at you. Spirits can be put to watch over people and keep them safe. If there is an existing problem this work is often done in conjunction with a cleansing.

If you are inspired to work with me please come in for a reading or, if you don’t want advice, a consultation. While readings are priced by length, consultations are listen in my bookings page here and usually take about half an hour. This will allow both of us to understand what is possible and the most effective way forward. If I don’t think your situation will benefit from the services I offer I will let you know. Our session will also give us the time to talk about all details of the work including price. The price of spiritual work depends on the complexity, chronic-ness, and intensity of situation. The average price is $500.

If you are looking for a prescription and not for me to do the work please book a reading – it is included.