My work with thousands of clients as a tarot reader has deepened my understanding of what people need – myself included – to make the most of their lives. If you are stalled on reaching your dreams you are probably blocked in one of two ways. :

1. Fear, anxiety, insecurities and your past are in the way. You have a dream that you’d like to be living, whether it is getting a new job, or finding love, and every time you try and get moving on it fear, procrastination or other negative thoughts and feeling derail you attempts. To solve this challenge I created an 8 week program that can help you overcome all of these kind of obstacles in a very focused and simple to execute way. If this sounds like you click here to learn more about how you can overcome this obstacle.

2. You don’t have a plan or the support to help you work through the obstacles that come up. By working with me as a coach we can work together to help you create a clear plan, and I can support you through all the steps of it’s implementation.

Through ongoing coaching I have helped people successfully:
Change careers
Find Love
Deal with Fear and Anxiety
Learning Spiritual Practices
Let go of the past
Live their dreams

Coaching is sold in blocks five hour long sessions for $500. Can’t make it into see me in person in Toronto? No problem just email or call me to set up a phone or Skype session.

If you are ready to stop thinking about your dream life and start making it happen please go here to book your first session. 

“I have tried many things like this before and never been able to use what I learned. With Andrew it is so practical and easy to implement. I notice new changes every week and so does everyone else.” ~ Diana, coaching regular

Still not convinced? You can read more testimonials here.