Manifesto – Tarot Readings with Andrew McGregor

I want to have relationships that are built on mutual respect.

I will always treat you with respect and dignity. Please treat me with the same.I really want you to feel empowered to move your life towards happiness. I want you to be clear about what you want, and have a solid plan for how you are going to work towards getting it. I want you to be aware of what challenges you may have to deal with along the way. I won’t feed your fears – I am not looking to make you dependent on me.

Bringing your questions to the reading will help you get the most out of your time. A reading is co-created by both of us, the energies, and spirits we each bring to the process. Clear questions help focus everyone present on getting the best answers. We can clarify your questions as part of the reading if you are unsure about how to ask them.

I am not here to tell you what to do. I always have suggestions, but I am not here to take responsibility for your life – only you can do that. I can help you find your courage, your voice, your strength, and your joy, but you have to build your life to make them manifest.

I welcome your whole being including your mind, body, history, spirit, and emotions. We can make space for all of these parts of you, talk about them, and get you right with each of them. I am here to listen and support you, but I cannot rescue you. I am not on call for you. If you are truly in crisis you should seek help from a qualified professional, or call a help line.

We can talk about your health. I am not a doctor, but I can help you advocate for yourself and support you taking care of yourself.

I do predict the future, but I am not a fatalist. I think the future is ours to change, but it can take time to adjust your course.

Often people are too focused on everyone around them and not focused enough on themselves. Using the cards to pry into other peoples lives is both unhelpful and invasive. We can certainly look at the world around you, but snooping into people’s lives with the cards is not something I will do.

If this feels right to you I look forward to working with you.

Andrew McGregor

P.S. Let’s also honour our time and money:

  • My rates are fixed and listed in the shop and on my website. I won’t roll out unexpected fees
  • You are under no obligation to shop in the store.
  • Let’s both be prompt for appointments.
  • I will give you notice if I have to move an appointment.
  • Please give 24 hours notice if you can’t make it, or I will ask you to pay for the session.
  • If you have questions about getting a reading – no problem. If you have questions about your life or challenges I can only answer them in a reading. Please don’t ask me on the phone or in the store.

P.P.S. Some great questions are:

  • What do I need to do in order to find a good relationship?
  • What is the next step in my career?
  • I am debating making a change in my life. What might living option 1 and option 2 look like?
  • What can I do to help my relationship get better?
  • How do I deal with this big problem?