Self-Care Wisdom Circle

Self-care sounds like such a straight forward idea. Eat well, floss and get some exercise – right? Then why is burnout out such a problem? Why is it that even when we are doing the right thing we still can feel unhappy or dissatisfied with our life?

Part of the issue is that self-care goes far beyond the obvious. It encompasses good boundaries, managing our energy, expressing our self, and so much more. This circle will work to help everyone who attends figure out what they need for their self-care and how to make that happen.

Why circle process?
When we sit with other people the power of the group elevates everyone present. The energy of the group helps us access the highest and wisest part of ourselves. The power of the circle is that wisdom is shared with everyone in the group. You don’t need to be an expert in self-care to access your highest selfs wisdom on the subject. Everyone has the capacity to access this inner wisdom the group just makes it easier to access.

Why self-care?
I have chosen self care as the starting point for a series of circle evenings I am going to facilitate because everyone struggles with it. So many healers, parents, guides and coaches do great work helping others but aren’t always on top of taking care of what they need so that they can continue to do their important work.

The evening will consist of a invitation to everyone’s higher self to guide the evening. I will lead the group in several rounds of questions designed to help everyone get clear about:
• what you need for better self-care
• how to implement the self-care tools you need
• how to sustain your self-care over time

No experience needed in circle process. No belief in any system is require. You can decide what you choose to share.

If this sounds like something you could use please join us Thursday May 16th from 7:30 to 10 pm.
Cost is $20+hst – Pre-registration is required. Sign up here…