Saint, spirit, and deity paintings

When I graduated art school the only kind of art that mattered to me any more was religious art. Images of Mary, Tibetan Thangkas, temples, and Tarot Cards all inspire me on a regular basis. In the decades since graduation my love of spirit and of spiritual art has only grown.

One of my favourite things to paint are saints, spirits, and deities. The mixing of symbolism and interpretation is a rich place to explore. It allows for a blending of tradition, personal experience, and the guidance of spirit to create a powerful personal point of access to the spirit you have a relationship with.


Recently I uncovered an old painting I’d have done of St. Expedite. Since then  I’ve felt him nudging me to start offering to paint saints and Deities for people. Who am I to not listen to him?

So here is what I am offering. 

  • One 4 by 6 inch hand painted image of a saint of deity of your choice
  • Art is done on heavy weight archival water colour paper with Gouache and Ink
  • Your preferences on symbols included through an intake questionnaire at purchase
  • Free shipping where ever you are

Cost $150 – Click here to order now. 

Turn around time is about a week plus shipping. I will email you a solid completion time when I get your order.