Resolving curses with tarot and magic!

Magic is real. I think the surge in witch culture attests to this. Folks are rediscovering what has been common in other cultures since the dawn of time. Unfortunately this also means curses are real too. Ranging from the power of jealousy and gossip to create problems to folks burning candles and making deals with spirits to cause harm to their enemies. There are many ways it can happen.

This workshop will teach you how to divine with tarot to find out about them and teach you some magic tools to start fixing them. 

We will cover:

  • What tarot cards reveal curses
  • Diagnosing what the curse is 
  • Determining where it came from
  • What looks like a curse but isn’t
  • Magical tools to remove them
  • Protection practices to prevent problems 
  • Recovering after it has happened

What do I know about curses?

From my background in ceremonial magic I started dealing with spirits at a young age. Calling up these beings to work with them and learn from them. This also grew into a lifelong exploration of spellcraft and working magic for practical reasons. In time my friends and I started exploring doing exorcisms and house cleaning for folks who needed them.

Once I started reading cards I spent the first 5 years of my reading career working with folks from cultures where magic and curses had never gone away. I learned how solid my practice had become magically.

I also have had the pleasure to spend time with readers/workers from a wide range of cultures learning how they deal with these issues. 35 years after I started my magical journey it has all added up to a broad and deep understanding on curses and what to do with them. 

Class is $50 and you can buy instant streaming access here.

This class is intended for people with a basic ability to read tarot. No magical training is required. I’ll point at ways to work within a variety of traditions this class is not based in any religion or tradition.

This is part 1 of a series dealing with this topic. You can find part two – a detailed step by step class on how to work all the magic mentioned here.

If you want help with a curse or magical problem directly from me please book a consultation through my bookings page here.

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