Reading for yourself!

Reading for yourself can be so powerful and insightful. It can also be swayed by your fears and anxieties and totally derailed into fantasy. I’ve certainly found ways to tell myself something great was coming from the tower or the 9 of swords – only to face the hard truth soon after when things turned out badly.

This class will take you through several approaches to reading for yourself I use regularly. Both for answering specific questions and for open ended growth.

Specifically we’ll go through:

  • Traps to watch for
  • Great questions to ask
  • A spread for circumventing denial
  • A spread for open ended explorations
  • The best question to ask daily

This 90 minute class is prerecorded and available for instant access streaming.
$40 Canadian Dollars.

This class is focused on practical reading skills. Come learn in a supportive environment and get all your questions answered. It is open to people of all levels.

Bring your tarot deck with you and a notebook. If you need a deck we sell hundreds at the shop.