How psychic are you? Take the test you could win a prize.

psychic postcardwhere tarot readings come from. As a fun game I have chosen a tarot card randomly, and without looking at it, and locked it in my safe. If you guess which card it is correctly I’ll send you a certification that you were indeed psychic and you could win the deck and a 1 hour private lesson from me on reading tarot or developing your psychic skills.

A few rules and guidelines.

1. Only one guess per person.
2. If multiple people guess right everyone gets the certification and I will draw randomly for the winner of the deck and lesson.
3. You must fill the form out to be entered either online or in the shop. I will respect your privacy.

Click here to enter the contest before April 16th.

This kind of thing is more fun when lots of people play so please share  with your friends.
Thanks for playing
Andrew McGregor

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“Psychic” image by Amanda Wray used under Creative Commons License.