The Best Spiritual Products In Toronto!

The Hermit’s Lamps goal is to offer people top quality spiritual products. A lot of stores in Toronto have closed over the past few years leaving people looking for the oils, incense and other tools that they used to go to the Omega Center, Herbie’s Herbs or The Wicca Shop for.

We carry a variety of products:

  • over 30 organic and wildcraft herbs including smudging sage and sweetgrass
  • a large selection of crystals including some scrying balls, jewellery and a set for the chakras
  • over 30 varieties of tarot decks including standards like the Thoth, Rider-waite and more contemporary decks like Doreen Virtues Angel cards.
  • some of the best incense in town. Resin and stick all made from natural ingredients.
  • tools and ingredients for those who work with the Orishas. Including Osun, the warriors, palm oil, jutia and many other essential ingredients.
  • a big selection of used decks and books on tarot and astrology. Please contact me if you are looking for something.
Please contact us if you would like to do mail order. If we don’t have what you are looking for we can often get it in within a week so don’t hesitate to ask.