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Mindfulness Key to Happiness and Success

A long-held principle in spiritual circles is that our ability to be aware and present in the moment is where the magic happens. Mindfulness allows us to understand ourselves and others and it leads to empowerment and a greater joy in life. This one-evening workshop will combine spiritual and psychological tools with tarot reading to help you get the most out of your tarot cards.

All levels welcome. Participate online from anywhere.

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“CARD A DAY” Mindfulness Practicejames_wanless
James Wanless

How a simple act of picking a card as your quest and question for the day is an all-powerful mindfulness ritual. The surprising, synchronistic symbols of the archetypal cards keep you positive, focused, empowered, motivated, equanimous, aware and more.  In fact, the “Card A Day” is a roadmap, a “gps of the soul” that shows how to manifest, achieve and create your daily intention. And by tracking your Cards over a period of time, see your revealing life patterns.

Mindfulness as a Path of Change
Andrew McGregor
It is easy to lose track of the great advice that a reading can give us amid the hustle of day-to-day life. Learning how to continuously remember the advice of a reading is one of the most powerful tools we can use for ourselves and our clients to help make lasting change. In this card-driven part of the workshop we will discover how to build our own unique link to the practices James has introduced. This divination will direct us as to how we can live the perspective and wisdom found in our practice. As we grow in our attention the richness and depth of the cards’ messages will grow too. As we walk mindfully through our lives we will be empowered to embody the wisdom the cards offer to us.

Participate by live streaming video (using free software), by phone, or Skype. Or catch the material by streaming video or audio recording (MP3) at your convenience. Either way join the supportive Facebook group to practice your new skills and ask questions that arise from your studies. If you’d like to get a better sense of these wonderful teachers you can listen to great talks with them on The Hermit’s Lamp’s podcast.

Wednesday November 18th – 7:15pm to 9:45 EST
$40 US
All classes will be recorded in case you miss one. 

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