Magic of Place Walk – Working with Nature

An in person journey to meet my spiritual friends.

If you have been following me for anytime you’ll have seen how connected to magic and place my spiritual work and magic are. I spend a lot of time connecting to the places I visit and the beings who live there. I’ve always felt that I would start sharing this at some point but life and Covid kept pushing it into the future. In August I got a big push to start working with folks again and to make this offering. 

Join me on October 16th for a four hour journey to Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto. 

I have been coming to this place for years. Slowly exploring its landscape. Connecting with the plants, animals and birds. On this walk I’ll introduce you to some of my friends and the places I think are extra special. I’ll share my ways of listening and being present that facilitate spirit communication. We will explore several practical magical workings – offerings, cleansing and spellwork. 

Connecting to spirits of place

In building relationships with the spiritual side of nature and its citizens making offerings can be an important and powerful practice. No one likes the friend who only show sup to ask for things. Why would it be different with the spiritual world. 

Spiritual Cleansing

Keeping ourselves spiritually tidy is important. It is so easy to accumulate an energetic muck from the stress and hustle of life. It doesn’t require anything dramatic – just the stress of commenting, or a bad day at work or home. Cleaning this kind of thing off isn’t complex but it does require attention and regularity. We’ll do a cleansing and talk about how to build it into your life. 

Working magic with the land

Of course when it comes to magic we often get into it because we need something. So we’ll work a bit of magic too to help you get what you are looking for in life. Using the energies of place, message from spirit, and what we find on our walk. 

What will it look like practically?

We’ll meet at the entrance to Tommy Thompson Park at 10am. Rain or shine.  We’ll start with a land acknowledgement. From there we will spend the next 4 hours exploring the park. Moving from spot to spot. Doing our cleansing. Doing a meditation in another spot. Meeting plants and animals on our way. We’ll end up on the beach where we will get into doing our magic. Finally strolling back to the front together – or stay as long as you like if you are not ready to leave. 

Saturday October 16th 10am to 2pm. 

10 spots only.

Cost $200. Register here.

Please bring: 

  • Water and snacks. 
  • Extra layers. 
  • Rain Gear if required. 
  • Sensible shoes. 
  • A notebook
  • Anything else you feel moved. 


Is this for you?

No magical or spiritual skills are required. Folks from beginner to experienced will learn a bunch and there will be lots of time to answer your questions. 

How physical will it be?

The terrain is mostly flat but often uneven – especially on the beach. We will be walking and standing for much of our time. We will be outside 100% of the time as there is little to no shelter – so please dress accordingly and bring extra layers – it is often colder by the lake. 

Do you need accommodation?
Please let me know if there is something I can do to help make this possible for you. 

Covid considerations!

Everyone will be asked to self screen before coming. Masks will be required for the times we may not be able to manage our distances. Magic requires great consideration of the energies involved. This includes caring for our fellow workshop participants by sanitizing hands, keeping distance, and so on. If you are not comfortable with this do not sign up. Anyone not respecting standard protocols will be asked to leave immediately.