Learning How to Read Tarot for Yes or No Questions

Tarot is a tremendous tool for exploring possibilities, predicting the future and making decisions. It has within its scope the ability to answer any question we have if we know how to approach it in the right way.

So often we just need a simple answer to help us make the decisions in front of us. Is this a good idea? Will I get the job? Should I date this dude? All questions we might have or get asked by our friends or clients.

This 90 minute workshop will tackle this approach to reading tarot head on. Giving you both specific tools to use and solid guidelines to get the most accurate answers possible. We’ll cover:

  • Asking the right way.
  • Freewill and fate
  • Approaching predictive reading
  • Several ways to read the cards for yes no approaches
  • When to avoid this approach
  • Navigating many options

This 90 minute class is prerecorded and available for instant access streaming.
$40 Canadian Dollars.

This class is focused on practical reading skills. Come learn in a supportive environment and get all your questions answered. It is open to people of all levels.

Bring your tarot deck with you and a notebook. If you need a deck we sell hundreds at the shop.