Learn the Tarot Card by Card Bundle

A journey through all 78 cards.

If you are looking to up your knowledge on what each and every card in the tarot is about this is the thing for you. This packages puts together all 7 classes I taught as a series from 2020-2021. Giving you complete access to his lessons on all the cards.

Consider it a chance to get to know them in a comfortable and casual way. I’ll share stories from my experience and cues to help you get to understand how to work with them in a reading. 

Learn what each card is about!

Understanding the tarot you need to know what each card is about at its core. This is not the same as learning key words. It is about learning its personality and area of influence. This will allow you to apply the card to any situation that comes up in a reading. In this 7 class series (10.5 hours) you’ll meet each card in the deck. Getting to know them as if they were a person you were meeting for the first time. This approach will help you remember what they are about every time they come up in a reading..

Covered are:

  • All 78 cards
  • Their personalities
  • Common symbolism
  • Meanings in a reading
  • Ways to get to know them further

My approach focuses on practical reading skills. Come learn in a supportive environment and get all your questions answered. It is open to people of all levels.

This bundle includes the following 7 pre-recorded classes. Available for immediate streaming.
If you’d like to read more about each follow the links. If you want to only order one or two you can do so from their respective pages.

Learning the Trumps 1 – From the Fool to The Lovers
Learning the Trumps 2 – From The Chariot to Death
Learning the Trumps 3 – From Temperance to The World
The Suit of Wands from Ace to 10
The Suits of Cups and Swords from Ace to 10
The suit of Disks and Card Pairings
Learning the Tarot – Court Cards – a walk through of the 16 court cards

Individually the classes cost $270 but the package is available for $200.

I’m sorry I’m not able to offer partial packages or other discounts.