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Impossible Readings

We all run into questions that seem beyond answering. Deep profound questions that pull at us no matter what we do to try and resolve them. Come with me into the great mysterious dream where the answers to all of life’s most profound answers live.

I will draw you into a dream that answers your questions.

I had the most profound reading of my life this weekend. It was unlike any other. My heart and soul will feed off the juicy nourishment of it for a long time. Where can you get one, you ask? It is called an Impossible Reading and was created by the brilliant and magickal Andrew Kyle McGregor. The readings may take different forms, but the magic he brings back from wherever he goes promises to be amazing no matter the form. All I can say is get one for yourself. Get one for a friend. Hell, get one for an enemy. We all need this kind of magic.
~Barbara Moore 

Practically this reading starts with you sending me a question when you sign up for your reading. I will then step out of this possible world into other places people often call impossible. I’ll bring back the answers and craft them in a magical solution for you. I’ll make art for you and craft a video like the one above too. Your answer will arrive by email within a week of asking it. Answers may vary in length but not in profundity.

An impossible reading is $110. Get yours by Casting your question into the infinite mystery here.

We all of course also have practical questions about life too. Choose one of these options to get answers to more practical questions about love, work, etc. Book a reading here or an email reading with my guide Melinda here.

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