How much do you love tarot? Come Hang With Us!

Tarot Lovers Hangout at the The Hermit’s Lamp 

If you love the tarot you should come to the shop and hangout with other tarot folk. This is chance to spend time with people who share your passion. Bring your favourite deck. Maybe swap readings. Or just geek out about how awesome tarot is. 

This will be a causal event for folks of any level. 

Up to July 1st find us at 1076 Bloor St W.

After find us at our new home 1209 Bloor St W. a 5 minute walk west.  

This is free event. Check out the next date and register here. Read the rules below please.

Be kind above everything!

Come to share you excitement not your business – self promotion and looking for clients is prohibited. 

Masking is optional at this event.

If you are 100% coming please rsvp as space is limited. Use the bookings page on my website. It is the top listing.  If you are unsure please don’t take a spot until you know for sure. Folks who book and cancel last minute or no show will not be invited to the next one. 

Are you looking to buy decks? You can see what tarot and oracle decks we have at the shop here.