Helping the shop move to its amazing new home!

Hey friends. I super appreciate everyone offering to help us move. I finally have a plan in place. There are three times I could use help with please. I am using my sign up system so I can easily have a way to email folks if anything shifts. If you’d like to help multiple times please pop your name in each one.

I’ll be providing drinks, snacks or food and of course my gratitude.

If you can only make part of the time that is totally helpful too.

Packing the Shop!

During the time we’ll pack the entire shop. This will be a lot of wraping lot sof stuff and p[acking it so it won’t break in the move. I expect this to take 2-3 hours.

July 1st 7:30pm at 1076 Bloor St W. Click here for this time slot.

Moving the shop

Bring your muscles! I’ve got a truck rented and everything will get moved to the new location. If you are a beefcake this is where you are most needed. I hope to get this done in 2 hours but who knows.

Sunday July 2nd 10am starting at 1076 Bloor St W and going back and forth. Click here for this time slot.

Unpacking the shop

We’ll spend a bunch of time unpacking and setting up the shop. This will be unpacking, labelling and organzing (and maybe some tech set up too). I expect this to take 3-4 hours.

Sunday July 2nd 3pm at the new location 1209 Bloor St W. Click here for this time slot.