with Fleur…
People who are suffering with chronic pain or a major disease often feel the need to get their body working for them as part of their healing process, to compliment whatever other treatments they are using. Encouraging the body to heal itself is an important part of my service. By providing healing work, I provide a complimentary path to greater health.

People also treat it as a tune-up during times of stress or during a stay-cation, choosing to cocoon themselves from the world for a while and just enjoy some spiritual TLC.

“I hate the idea of taking these heavy pain killers, but so far they are the only thing that touches the pain.”

“I’m just feeling burned out and I need a bit of a re-charge.”

When people come for a healing/rebalancing session I take them out of their usual relationship with time by playing music specifically designed to do just that. Then, I work to affect their energetic and physical bodies using my voice, my hands, my energy, and healing crystals. And, if they choose it, body work to re-align their spine also enhances the effectiveness and staying power of the treatment. People say that the healing work has eliminated chronic pain for periods of time and also restored their equilibrium.

“I don’t want to say you are a miracle worker, but I found relief from my symptoms for the first time in years. And it has been two weeks without any pain!”

“I feel really refreshed and balanced.”

You can email me to set up a healing appointment at fleur@thehermitslamp.com or you can call 647-286-8739.