Free Class with Deck Purchase Option

I thought maybe with this up and down weather we could all use a bit of a treat. So I am bring back the popular deal!

Deal runs from March 15 – 31 2024.

You can choose from:

  • Ancestral Healing Through Tarot
  • Learning Tarot – YES or NO Readings
  • Learning The Cards – Courts Cards
  • Learning The Cards – Cups and Swords Ace to Ten
  • Learning The Cards – Disks Ace to Ten and Card pairings
  • Learning The Cards – Tarot Trumps 1
  • Learning The Cards – Tarot Trumps 2
  • Learning The Cards – Trumps 3
  • Learning The Cards – Wands Ace to 10
  • Reading for the year ahead
  • Reading for Yourself
  • Reading Tarot for Money and Work
  • Reading Tarot for Relationships
  • Tarot and Magic
  • Tarot for Everyone (beginners class)

You can find the school here.

And the online shop here

Here are the details:

  • Buy a new deck online or in person at the shop.
  • You will get given a code to use in the online school.
  • One code per order.
  • If you lose your code we cannot replace it. Sorry.
  • Code is for pre-corded classes only on my tarot school worth $40.
  • No cash value.
  • If we do not have a deck instock you can pre-order and still qualify.