Free Class with Deck Purchase Option

We can all use a bit of help this holiday season. I can’t help you clean your house, or with other stresses, but I can help you with your gift giving. I am bring back a popular deal to help you out. Buy a new deck from the shop (online or in person) and get a code for a free pre-recorded class. We’ve got 15 to choose from. Now whether you give the class with your gift to wow them, or keep it for yourself is entirely up to you. We all deserve a little something extra for ourselves this year too.

Deal runs for the month of January 2022.

You can choose from:

  • Ancestral Healing Through Tarot
  • Learning Tarot – YES or NO Readings
  • Learning The Cards – Courts Cards
  • Learning The Cards – Cups and Swords Ace to Ten
  • Learning The Cards – Disks Ace to Ten and Card pairings
  • Learning The Cards – Tarot Trumps 1
  • Learning The Cards – Tarot Trumps 2
  • Learning The Cards – Trumps 3
  • Learning The Cards – Wands Ace to 10
  • Reading for the year ahead
  • Reading for Yourself
  • Reading Tarot for Money and Work
  • Reading Tarot for Relationships
  • Tarot and Magic
  • Tarot for Everyone (beginners class)

You can find the school here.

And the online shop here

Here are the details:

  • Buy a new deck online or in person at the shop.
  • You will get given a code to use in the online school.
  • One code per order.
  • If you lose your code we cannot replace it. Sorry.
  • Code is for pre-corded classes only on my tarot school worth $40.
  • No cash value.