Empower Yourself with Tarot Journaling – Find Your Own Wisdom Now

One of my favourite ways to read the cards is for myself. Using the cards to explore and understand myself and what is going on in my life. Over the decades that I’ve been reading the cards I’ve tried a lot of different approaches and eventually refined my own system. Now I’m excited to share my experience in this new workshop.

In this class we’ll explore the cycle of asking questions of the cards and letting them ask questions of you in turn. We’ll look at cycles and how to explore patterns over time to help you see yourself more clearly. I’ll share the questions I keep coming back to year after year and how they bring clarity and wisdom with use. Finally we’ll explore some tools to use when the cards don’t feel like they make any sense to you.

This is a live event at the shop. Space is limited. Sunday May 19th 12:15 to 2pm
Cost is $30+tax. Click here to register.

This class is open to folks of all levels of experience. Please bring your deck and a journal. Consider bringing a second small journal or loose paper as well as a pen.

Please understand all registrations are non-refundable.