Communication – The Secret of Powerful Readings

This might be the most important class on reading tarot that I will teach. It is a class I wish I had the opportunity to take when I was starting out but never knew I needed. It will change your reading skills forver and maybe your life too!

Ever have the situation where you say something to the person you are reading for and they look at you with confusion? Maybe you missed the mark or maybe the delivery was off. And let me be clear – delivery is everything.

Even people we may know well might surprise us with their reactions. Being able to change approaches or even better anticipate the kind of language that people will be receptive to is a powerful tool as a reader – and really in all aspects of life. This is not a workshop about manipulation, controlling people, or cold reading. It is about communication and helping your message be delivered in a way that will be best understood.

In this workshop I will share my experience reading for people of all ages, cultures, and background. We will cover:
• How to identify communication issues
• How to work with what the client is saying
• How to sort out being wrong versus being misunderstood
• How to correct your communication if things are not working

This practical workshop will build your tarot skills in general and help give more skilled and powerful readings whatever level you are at.

All levels are welcome. Bring your deck and a notebook. Handouts will be provided.
20 spaces only.
Pre-registration is required to book your space.
Cost $25 +HST

Click here to signup now and hold your spot.

Thursday December 6th. 7:30-9:30pm.
B Current Studio
Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie Street (just south of St Clair)
Unit 251

This event is a part of a monthly series of workshops on building practical tarot knowledge and skills. Future topics to be announced. First Thursday of every month.