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Channelled Email Readings with Andrew & Melinda.

I am who I am today as a reader due in large part to my guide Melinda. Born over three hundred years ago, she travelled with her family reading cards for people in southern Europe. Since that lifetime she has been guiding her descendants leading through the years to me. Her guidance is always clear, direct, and she calls me on my bullshit when it comes up. She shows up in every reading I do and offers her input. Lately she has been pushing me to do more channeling work with her directly for clients. She says there are people out there who need her direct input.

To all would-be querents Melinda has this to say:
I want to help you make sense of your life. To see what can be done to help you solve the problems and suffering that come from being alive. I want to help you see a way forward, to find hope and possibilities. I’ll never resort to new age ideas that suggest it is somehow your fault that you aren’t where you want to be. I won’t tell you that everything happens for a reason. If you are hoping I’ll help you find an abundance mentality that will unlock untold riches please don’t waste our time. I do not believe any of that.

What I know is that I lived at a time when life was present and immediate. There is no glory in living closer to the land, but there is wisdom that comes from having your spirituality tested by life and death situations continuously. I offer that to anyone who wants to resolve their issues and find out how to live successfully in a world that is indifferent to your happiness.

I also believe in the magic comes from the earth and its gifts to us. Often my advice will include these tools for helping you apply the advice of the reading to your life. In my time these things were a living part of everyones knowledge. the modern world is not improved by people having moved away from them.

Your question is the starting point for our session. Trust that I will speak the truth, give sound advice, and be completely clear and direct with you.  I have spoken these words to make clear who should take me up on this offer and who should not. Ask your heart now ‘Is this what you need?’

People have been really loving these readings!

“The entire session was very powerful sent me color combinations of both information and energy. You have something very special here in your relationship with Melinda. She is honest , direct, and wise with zero bull shit. I know that it will have to review the reading many times to get the full value from it. I appreciate all of the suggestions she made including the rituals offered.” ~ George Koury

“I had a channeled reading from Andrew Kyle McGregor and Melinda. It was fascinating and insightful and left me with homework even! I absolutely loved it and highly recommend you sign up if he has any slots left! Many thanks Andrew and Melinda!!!!” ~MJ Foley

Still reading? Here is how it is going to work.
You buy your reading and send in your question. Sessions are marked by the week in which they will happen. I’ll channel Melinda and record her message to you as a MP3 and send it to you. The recordings will be around 15 minutes long.
The cost is $55. Readings are delivered by email within 7 days.

Please ask your questions here

Please read these details:
Please don’t send an essay – we won’t read it.
Readings are sold by the week in which they will get answered in.
There are only 4 slots per week and once they are spoken for they are gone.
There is no rush service.
There is no live option for this service.
You can’t change your week or question once you book.
There are no follow up questions included.
If you feel you want to know about Melinda before buying check out contributions to the blog here.
Your recording will be sent to your email.