Looking for some ongoing magick to help you make the life you want?

Monthly Candle Vigil Service

There are times when we need a big boom of magick to make time happen in our life. We need that new job now. We’ve become stuck and need our road cleared. Or perhaps we are moving into a new home and want it spiritually cleaned.

However, sometimes we have long ongoing goals that aren’t as helped by a big push. Maybe we need a steady ongoing flow of customers to our business. Or perhaps a band that needs ongoing gigs and connections to help grow their career. Maybe we have a project with many moving parts laced out offer the coming year. Or maybe we just need to have the spirits look in and give us a hand on a regular basis. These kind of goals are often changed more by an ongoing influx of magick than a one off ritual.

So starting now I am offering a monthly candle vigil service. When you sign up I’ll light a candle for you every month. My guides and I will focus our energy on you and your challenges and send some energy to help over come obstacles, have lucky breaks, grow spiritually, protect you from enemies, or generally boost you towards your goals – whatever you ask for.

Each month I’ll sit and meditate with my guides on what you need to continue towards you goals. I’ll add oils, sigils, and herbs to the candle as needed to get the right frequency. Then burn the candle on my altar with my spirits. Afterwards I’ll send you a brief report of anything I felt during the working. This will include a picture of the candle.

The practical details. 
Limited to 16 people.

  • You will be assigned a spot in the monthly order.
  • This is a subscription service. Your payment will come out every month on the same date. This is not necessarily the same day that your candle will burn.
  • I’ll email to ask you what you want the focus to be. If this changes feel free to email me along the way. Please do not change it monthly. Choose longer larger goals instead. If you need help with this please book a reading or spiritual consultation.
  • Please don’t ask me to curse people or interfere with others with this working. I won’t do it.
  • I’ll email you when it is done. This email will include a brief description of anything that came up while it was burning.
  • You can cancel anytime. If you cancel and decide to start again you will get added to the waiting list.

Costs is $50 USD a month for the duration of your subscription.

Use this link to sign up.