Candle Magic For More Effective Spells


Using candles in your magic is an easy and effective way to add power to your working. It has been a part of spiritual and magical practices going back thousands of years. On top of providing a focus it can also bring energy into your work.

In this workshop we’ll dig in to everything you need to know to get the most of your candle magic.

  • How to choose a candle
  • How to take care of a candle
  • Working with oils and herbs
  • How to inscribe candles
  • Colour theory and candle magic
  • When to do your work
  • Incorporating stones, crystals and other elements
  • Things to avoid that might undermine your work

On top of covering theory we will also make a spell candle for you to take home. So bring your desire and intention.

This class is for people of all ages. It is not rooted in any particular tradition but gives you the tools to integrate it into your own practices.

Andrew has been studying magic since the mid 80’s and has worked as a professional tarot reader and spell crafter since 2000. This workshop draws on his personal experience and decades of helping others make the most of their magic. His teaching is grounded and accessible. Free of jargon or judgement.