card_biteI have always been interested in the spiritual side of life. In grade school my friends and I, amidst playing ninja in the forests where I lived, also tried to meditate. We would climb into the back of the crawl space at my friend Mike’s house and light incense and work on sitting still, breathing and certain gestures we had learned from books about martial arts. When I was 13 I was in a local mall bookstore with my Grandmother. I saw a tarot set for sale, the Mythic Tarot, and immediately asked her if she would get it for me. Being a loving support of my interest in all things, mystical, weird, or macabre, she immediately said yes. It was also around that time that I discovered Aleister Crowley, the Qabala, and ceremonial
magick at a local psychic fair. The stage was set.
The next year I was in a serious accident while driving a scooter in the Dominican Republic. I can tell you getting nailed by a dump truck that has decided to pass around a blind corner is no fun. While learning to walk again I also started to ask some big existential questions of the universe. I became voracious in my reading quickly tearing through all the philosophy, religion, and political books the school library had to offer. I started to try to figure it all out. I was lucky to be supported in my search by my family. This was all before the internet was around so I started to talk with whoever I could find that was willing to speak with me about it – priest, jesuits, occultists, anyone who would cross my path.

After high school I went to a local art school and studied sculpture. Now that I was living on my own and in Toronto I delved deeper into my spirituality. Looking for groups, and setting myself regular practices working on all the stuff I had started as a child in my friend’s crawl space. Yogic breathing, learning to control the body and the mind, moving and feeling energy. I got into martial arts again. I finished art school with a real dislike for the art world in general, but an intense love for religious art.

After university I found my way to doing graphic design and later worked freelancing for many big companies in the financial sector. I met the woman who would later become my wife. My fascination with the spiritual continued to grow. I got initiated into some western mystery schools. I found new friends to do ceremonies with. I traveled to India, spent time with native elders, hosted community retreats, studied counselling, and continued to seek for answers. I came to really dislike my work and jumped like the fool into working as a reader for a website, then a local store, and finally about 4 years ago set out on my own.

My partner and I expanded our family with two girls. 2 years ago I opened my own storefront, The Hermit’s Lamp, as part of my vision to make available great decks, books, spiritually supplies and really exciting events. At the time of writing this I have been reading the cards for about 25 years. For the last 9 years this has been my job and I have been teaching people how to read the cards, qabala, meditation and other tools for the last 5 years.