Art show FAQ

FAQ for Art Shows at The Hermit’s Lamp

How do I get into a show you are putting on?

Art shows that the Lamp puts on are curated. Work is submitted digitally here. Once the submission deadline closes all art is reviewed and everyone is noticed if they are accepted in the show or not.

Can I put on my own show at The Hermit’s Lamp?

Yes we are open to helping artists put up their own shows. Please contact Andrew for more details.

Why did you not choose my art?

Art shows are curated based on the theme, how all the pieces fit together, how many pieces touch the same ideas or theme, and many other criteria. Given the amount of work that we receive for each show we cannot give specific feedback.

How do I deliver my art to you?

Your art must be on-site 7 days before the opening. Delivery can be made during regular hours at the Lamp. Currently Wednesday – Friday 12-7 and saturday 12-6.

I live out of town how can I get my work to you?

Work can be mailed or couriered to the Lamp. Please send your artwork safely packaged and insured. Please send it requiring a signature. We cannot be responsible for work damaged by mail.

When can I get my work back?

Artwork is available for pick up for 1 week after the closing date of the show. We cannot be responsible for work left at the Lamp for longer than 7 days.

I live out of town how do I get my work back?

Please include adequate postage to return your work. Go to and calculate the proper postage. For Americans please keep in mind mailing from Canada to the US is more expensive. Ensure you calculate the actual rate and include it.


Are there costs associated with being in the show?

We ask all participants to contribute $15 towards the marketing costs of the show. If your work is for sale and sold during the show the Lamp will keep a 20% commission.

Will I have to sign a contract?

Yes. You can get a pdf of the contract here.

Do I have to frame my work?

Your art must be ready to hang. That means framing in most cases. For sculptures it is obviously not necessary. The better you make your work look the better we can make it look.If you are user ask.

Do I have to sell my work? 

No, we often show work that is not for sale.

Can I change my mind and show another piece?

No. We accept work based on specific pieces. Please do not change it last minute.

If you have any questions please ask.